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  • International Conference on Lightweight Materials and Manufacture 2019 Held in Changsha

    International Conference on Lightweight Materials and Manufacture 2019 Held in Changsha

    From October 9th to 12th, International Conference on Lightweight Materials and Manufacture 2019 was held in Changsha. More than 200 academicians, experts and scholars from many countries and regions such as Britain, the United States, Germany, Russia, Poland, Japan, Spain, India attended the conference. Kechao Zhou, vice president of Central South University, delivered a speech.

    The conference was co-sponsored by Central South University, Imperial College London, AVIC Manufacturing Technology Institute and co-organized by the State Key Laboratory of High-Performance Complex Manufacturing of Central South University, the International Joint Research Center for Advanced Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology Fundamental Research and Beijing Key Laboratory of Lightweight Metal Forming of University of Science and Technology Beijing. The chairman of the conference is Jue Zhong, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Professor at Central South University; Jianguo Lin the academician of Royal College of Engineering and Professor of Imperial College London; Zhiqiang Li, president of AVIC Manufacturing Technology Institute.

    The conference consisted of 13 conference reports, 22 theme reports and 34 oral reports. The conference consisted of four sub-forums on light material preparation, lightweight component and structure design and manufacturing, forming and modeling, and special processing and forming technology. Experts and scholars from various countries have conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the cutting-edge progress in the field of lightweight materials and lightweight manufacturing technology. Five outstanding paper awards were presented at the conference, the award-winning authors are from universities and research institutes such as Toyohashi University of Science and Technology, Imperial College of Science and Technology, and Central South University.

    After the conference, the participating scholars visited the State Key Laboratory of High Performance Complex Manufacturing of Central South University and the Innovation Engineering Base of Aluminum Alloy Materials and Components.